Whole Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise Architecture and IT Architecture are often seen as one and
the same.
But do you fully understand the overall enterprise of which your organisation is only a part? Whole Enterprise Architecture brings together Tom Graves’ thirty years of experience working in EA in multiple industries around the world, to help you spot and tackle the common pitfalls which plague organisations facing change.

Presented in a series of approachable articles with diagrams, this 130 page book will help all organisations facing change explore and resolve
it effectively.


Gerolf Nauwerck, Business Architect, Sweden

"When reading Tom Graves’s forthcoming book, Whole Enterprise Architecture, I’m reminded of Thomas Schön’s concept of the reflective practitioner.

I would argue that Tom Grave’s in this book not only reflects on the practice of Enterprise Architecture, but also underscores the importance of reflectivity in the practice of EA.

Tom Graves has long been writing–and reflecting–on EA on his weblog, Tetradian, and much of this has found its way into numerous books. The present book serves as a nice introduction to his writings, it is indeed something of a mix tape, each chapter being a condensed version of some of his books. In effect you get many books for the price of one (though at the same time it makes the book less unique).

However, the collection of chapters not only makes for an introduction to Grave’s writings, it also is a quick paced introduction to the domain of EA, taking the reader from the practices and basics of EA over to the core concept, namely ”the whole EA”. This concept is central to Grave's writing and has many interesting aspects.

Grave’s promotes a humanistic view of EA, putting people first and emphasises a relational and broad understanding of the scope of EA. There are many insights and quotes throughout the book, like: 'The real product of EA is not the diagrams, but the social process by which we arrived at those diagrams, which is not the same thing at all'.

The book, richly illustrated is a stimulating read and a nice travel companion as such. Importantly, it does invite you to reflect on your own practice, which is never a bad thing."

Maribel Mercado Rejón, Head of EA, 
Citibanamex, Mexico

Whole Enterprise Architecture is not only a fascinating book, but it naturally leads us to distinguish the complete universe of enterprise architecture from architecture limited to IT, in a didactic and practical way we enter the world of pure enterprise architecture, Without the noise that a framework could cause, we understand the work of the enterprise architect, its importance and the value it brings to a company. It clarifies the career path that a person who wants to work as an enterprise architect should follow. The coolest thing about this book (which in itself is tremendously valuable for the community) is the images because one of the most difficult things is to explain the concepts and abstract knowledge that a enterprise architect handles to other people, without a doubt they clarify the concepts and make this book a pleasant and fluid read, for me it is the best enterprise architecture book I have ever read.