How agile is your organisation?

How well – and how fast – does your organisation respond to changes in the market, in technology, in the business environment?

Is it fit, healthy, agile, thriving in the cut-and-thrust competition of your industry? And how do its health-indicators look: not just the financial ‘bottom line’, but the more subtle ones too, such as staff turnover, knowledge creation, public reputation, customer engagement?

Are you leading in innovation, in productivity, in customer service? Do you know what the future could bring for your business?

How would you create new success, new commitment, new leadership, throughout your whole organisation? And having created it, could you sustain it? How would you wake up the soul of your business – alive, agile, enthusiastic, on purpose, every part working together as a unified whole?

That’s where we can help:

  • we’ll show you new ways to view and understand ‘the architecture of the enterprise’ – the whole of your business, including all the hidden costs and hidden assets, the hidden risks and opportunities
  • working with you, we’ll create a framework which links together every aspect of the business – its facilities and skills, relationships and knowledge, and its focus on the past, the present and the future;
  • we’ll assist in coordinating your implementation plan, garnering any new skills, people, facilities and knowledge that you may need;
  • we’ll design review systems to verify the quality of all aspects of your business’ work and its execution, and to conduct regular ‘health checks’ on the overall integration of your business.

Ordinary consultancies will help you with strategy, with IT architecture, e-commerce implementation or whatever. We’re different because we also work with the deeper dynamics of your business – the integration of the activities, relationships, knowledge and purpose. And in practice it’s only at those deeper layers that foundations for lasting change can be laid – which is what you’ll need for empowered business performance.

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[You can also download a brief summary of what we do in our Business profile (PDF).]