The Weblog Anthologies

A set of eBooks exploring Whole Enterprise Architecture and its effects on your organisation.

Creating a career in EA

This anthology from the Tetradian weblog provides overviews and commentary on how to develop a career in enterprise-architecture, business-architecture and related fields, and on the various roles that apply in those fields. It is intended to be a useful introduction for newcomers to enterprise-architecture.

203 pages (approx)

Business Architecture basics

What do we mean by ‘business-architecture’?
One of the keys to breaking free from IT-centric ‘enterprise’-architecture lies in reclaiming the meaning of the term ‘business-architecture’.
A set of forty articles taken from highly respected 'Tetradian weblog' covering all you need to make a more effective business architecture.


Business Arch. Challenges

This anthology from the Tetradian weblog explores how enterprise architecture and suchlike apply in the business context, and can assist in resolving architecture-challenges.