The Weblog Anthologies

A set of eBooks exploring Whole Enterprise Architecture and its effects on your organisation.

Creating a career in EA

This anthology from the Tetradian weblog provides overviews and commentary on how to develop a career in enterprise-architecture, business-architecture and related fields, and on the various roles that apply in those fields. It is intended to be a useful introduction for newcomers to enterprise-architecture.

203 pages (eBook)

Business Architecture basics

What do we mean by ‘business-architecture’?
One of the keys to breaking free from IT-centric ‘enterprise’-architecture lies in reclaiming the meaning of the term ‘business-architecture’.
A set of forty articles taken from highly respected 'Tetradian weblog' covering all the basics to make a more effective business architecture.

287 pages (eBook)

Business Arch. Challenges

A set of around 40 articles following on from Business Architecture Basics explores how issues such as innovation and hype can affect the architecture of any business.
Inside you will find a wealth of advice about some of the pitfalls to avoid within your organisation. As well helpful ways to navigate through these issues to make your business architecture work more effectively for all within the enterprise.

"So many books and articles tell us what Business Architecture isn’t. This one is different, and the reader gets an understandable overview of what is the place of business architecture in an enterprise, what architects should do to bring value. While it might feel the author holds a grudge against big consultancy, it makes it even more fun to learn about their practices and how architects should manoeuvre around the most common traps.
Overall – a recommended reading for any business architects, business transformation consultants and organisational designers from junior to c-level executives".

Jan Rautenkranc Area Lead (design/enterprise architecture) 
Česká spořitelna

369 pages (eBook)