About Tetradian

Tetradian offers new ways for organisations to become more effective. Tetradian helps organisations explore, address and resolve change issues using workshops and simple to use tools.

Tom Graves

Tom Graves is Tetradian’s principal consultant, with more than forty years of
professional experience in systems-development, process-design and whole
of enterprise architectures.
Now based in Victoria, Australia, he has provided consulting and training on
strategy, architectures and tools for change, working with organisations of
every size from single-person start-ups to large multinationals, in some twenty
countries throughout Australasia, Europe and the Americas, and across a
wide range of industries including defence, emergency-services, aerospace,
banking, insurance, telecoms, utilities, logistics, healthcare, education, pre-press, 
media, manufacturing, ecommerce, recruitment, government and social-services.
He is an experienced presenter and a much-published author, with more than
twenty books on enterprise-architecture and other themes, well over a
thousand articles on the well-known Tetradian weblog, and more than a
hundred videos on the Tetradian YouTube channels
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