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    Architecture applies at every scale

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    Learn from living systems, then apply to the enterprise

A focus on futures

Founded in 2007 by principal consultant Tom Graves, Tetradian is a specialist consultancy in all aspects of enterprise-architecture and business-integration.  We deliver services and training in England, Europe, Australia and Latin America.

We work with the architecture of the enterprise as a whole – viewing each organisation as a dynamic ‘living organisation’.  Our focus is enabling systems transformation for thriving and sustainable futures, while our aim is to create for – and within – our clients’ organisations, a unified and productive clarity.

Our people are ‘makers’ of purpose-built tools, techniques and processes to support systemic transformation within organisations.

Our practice provides integrated clarity on business structure, business process and business relationships for cohesive systemic change for thriving futures. We use participatory, knowledge based methodologies and processes to assist you in identifying key questions about your business environment, enabling you and your organisation to generate your own integral, authentic answers and strategic responses to the challenges you face.

Our tools arise from a close observation of the dynamic ‘living organisation’ of our natural world.  They provide integrated structures and frameworks for visioning, business intelligence and foresight processes to effectively and efficiently manage your organisation by mimicking the natural world at every level.

Our training programs aid individual staff members and the entire organisation to reach their full potential and work more effectively as a team.