Business anarchists in action

The Tetradian consultants have been lovingly described as ‘business anarchists’.  Our tools, techniques and processes are multi-dimensional and futures focused, they enliven systems thinking, agitate mental models and expose the unexamined world-views at play within your organisation.  As systems integrators we then work with your creative process of enlivened self determination, coordinating training and development  to support you in developing models and frameworks to truely revolutionise your practice.

In our consultancy work we can show you how to eliminate silos, to create effective communications between people and between systems, and to leverage from your existing knowledge and culture.  Using the integrated soul-model as both a diagnostic and an intervention framework, we assist you in identifying and releasing your organisations greatest potential.

In addition we show you how to experience integration in practice, through our unique experiential workshops such as Five Elements of Workplace Dynamics and Power on Purpose.

Applying the Tetradian integrative frameworks and processes our consultancy work covers a wide range of business-integration themes, including:

Integral / whole-of-enterprise

  • organisational dynamics – the interaction of the organisation’s facilities and capabilities, relationships, knowledge and purpose, as an integrated whole
  • organisational change and development – identifying key questions about your business environment, enabling you and your organisation to find your own answers which will lead to new business opportunities and new synergies within your organisation
  • organisational relationships – the human and technical sides of knowledge and relationships, both within the business – individuals, teams, departments and the organisation as a whole – and external stakeholders, such as customers, suppliers, shareholders and the community

Behavioural / process – ‘physical’ dimension

  • development of new skills and competencies
  • physical environment and work-flows
  • quality systems integration
  • privacy management

Conceptual / knowledge – ‘mental’ dimension

  • knowledge capture and propagation
  • integration of information technology and non-IT ‘narrative knowledge’
  • creation of a ‘learning organisation’
  • environmental scanning (business intelligence)
  • organisational assumptions and mental models

Relational / human-issues – ‘emotional’ dimension

  • relationships within the organisation
  • relationships with suppliers, community and other stakeholders
  • new sales, marketing and relationship techniques
  • privacy, trust, public perception and other emotive issues

Aspirational / purpose – ‘spiritual’ dimension

  • vision, values, purpose, mission
  • strategy, foresight and long-term direction – envisioning preferred futures
  • ethics, values, morals and their expression in everyday practice

For examples of our consultancy work, see the Example reports pages.