The SWOT checklist (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) is one of the most widely known and perhaps most widely-used of all strategic assessment tools. It’s well suited to for quick assessments, particularly where a decision to go ahead with a project has in essence already been made. But it can be too simplistic, and in some cases dangerously misleading, when applied to more complex business contexts.


The SCORE checklist – Tetradian’s extension of SWOT – is designed to resolve these concerns: it has the simplicity of SWOT, but the versatility and flexibility of a full strategic tool:

  • Strengths / services / support
    • existing capabilities and resources, potential for synergies
  • Challenges / needed capabilities
    • ‘weaknesses’ indicate needed capabilities and resources
  • Options / opportunities and risks
    • opportunity is also risk, risk is also opportunity
  • Responses / returns / rewards
    • probable or emergent consequences of action or inaction
  • Effectiveness
    • efficient, reliable, elegant, appropriate, integrated

For more information, see the Introduction to SCORE slidedeck (on Slideshare).