Tetradian Model

About the Tetradian Model

Tetradian literally means four dimensions.  The Tetradian Model provides an architectural framework for the whole of enterprise – nots just its IT.


 In the pressures of day-to-day business, it’s easy to lose track of where each person’s work fits into the architecture of the whole enterprise:

  • the way things are done – the actions, the behaviours;
  • what people know and believe and learn;
  • how people relate, with customers, suppliers, stakeholders, each other and themselves;
  • what people aspire to – their ambitions, vision, purpose – and in what they take pride; and
  • how all of these layers interweave into the overall ‘soul’ and culture of the organisation

Most consultancies or groups focus on just one of these dimensions: IT infrastructure, perhaps, or physical quality, or emotional intelligence. By contrast, we emphasise the need for continuing awareness of the organisation as a whole, with all these dimensions interacting and interweaving through each other in constant, dynamic, ever-changing equilibrium.

So rather than address only a single dimension, or a two-dimensional ‘flatland’ at best, our work revolves around the integration of all of these dimensions – the business processes, business knowledge, business relationships and business purpose that form the ‘four corners of the business world’.

The tetradian is the simplest possible map of an organisation’s ‘innerstructure’: those four dimensions, in tetrahedral relationship, with a precise mapping of the infrastructural themes that link the dimensions together into a cohesive whole. The result: actions support knowledge support relationships support vision support actions, and back again, in every possible combination.