Tools for business structure, business process and business change

In this section you’ll find introductions to the most commonly applied models in the Tetradian toolkit.

Business structure – architecture and planning

  • Tetradian Model: an integrative, four dimensional architectural framework for depicting the behavioural, conceptual, relational and aspirational aspects of your organisation
  • Enterprise Canvas: a multi dimensional business planning tool that takes managers and entrepreneurs at least one step beyond the business model canvas.  Use this tool for describing and analysing organisational motivation, ecology, systems, structure and relationships

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Business process – strategy development and assesment

  • VRMG: a vision, role, mission, goal framework with an integrated tetradian twist
  • Five Elements: a frame of reference for strategy, tactics and operations that illustrates the relationships between activities and roles within an organisation or process
  • SEMPER: a unique whole of organisation diagnostic and metic that provides organisations with a quick, simple yet accurate ‘dashboard’ overview of organisational effectiveness: the integration of business purpose, business process, business relations, business knowledge and business performance.
  • SCORE: a visual checklist for exploring strategic, tactical and operational concerns and options, with an emphasis on effectiveness in the immediate context and across the broader organisation and shared enterprise
  • SCAN: a sense-making tool for decision-making and cognitive impact assessments based on simple, complicated, ambiguous and not-known quadrants