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Everyday Enterprise-Architecture

Sensemaking, strategy, structures and solutions

This book describes the down-to-earth detail of everyday enterprise architecture, to show what architects actually do to deliver value fast, across the entire enterprise.

Doing Enterprise Architecture

Process and practice in the real enterprise

When you’re doing enterprise architecture, what should you actually do? In what sequence? For what business purpose? What skills and leadership do you need? What results should you expect? And how can you prove the business value of what you do?

This book is for enterprise architects, strategists and managers who guide changes to business practice.

Mapping the Enterprise

Modeling the enterprise as services with the Enterprise Canvas

This book introduces a new approach to mapping the enterprise as a whole.  For strategists, enterprise architects and others, one of the hardest tasks is we face is mapping the enterprise in a form that creates integrated consistency at every level.

The Enterprise Canvas is a new model-type that can be used to describe just about anything in any part and at any level of the enterprise, and that acts as a consistent frame for all the other models that we need in our architectures.

Real Enterprise Architecture

Beyond IT to the whole enterprise

Real Enterprise Architecture is concerned with the practice of enterprise architecture, the structure of the entire enterprise, and the integration of everything the enterprise is and does.

This book is for anyone who works with the enterprise as a whole; chief officers, strategists, program managers and roles of that kind.

Bridging the Silos

Enterprise architecture for IT-architects

To gain the best business benefits from architecture, it’s time to close the gapping chasm between business and IT by bridging the silos to link everything the enterprise is and does.

This book provides a structured ‘conversion course’ for IT-architects wanting to get a grip on the broad scope of whole of enterprise-scale architecture.


Enhancing enterprise effectiveness

Traditional management texts focus most of their attention on ways to improve local efficiency. Yet the real goal is enhancing enterprise effectiveness – for which an over-emphasis on efficiency alone can cause more harm than good. As enterprise architects, tasked with creating enterprise structures and capabilities that are ‘efficient on purpose’, we need some means to keep aware of the whole enterprise at all times, right down into the details of day-to-day work.

Power and Response-ability

The human side of systems

Linking the human side of systems into the architecture of the enterprise creates workplaces that are more effective, empowering and profitable for everyone involved.

“Many of the common concepts of power in business are so close to perfectly wrong that it’s amazing any work happens at all…”

This enlightening and enlivening book explains the interplay of power, property and responsibility in the business context – how it works, why it doesn’t, and what to do about it.

The Service-Oriented Enterprise

Enterprise architecture and viable services

This book explores how enterprise architecture and viable services link together to create a simpler yet far more powerful view of the enterprise, as a dynamic, unified whole. The techniques described can be used in business transformation, workflow mapping, system design and much else besides, in every type of enterprise – including those in which there is little or no IT at all.

The Enterprise as Story

The role of narrative in enterprise-architecture

Most current approaches to enterprise-architecture describe everything in terms of structure. Yet people work better with story than with structure – and people are the enterprise.