Our process

A focus on futures

We assist you in identifying key questions about your business environment, and enable you and your organisation to find your own answers which will lead to new business opportunities and new synergies within your organisation.

  • strategy – visioning, business-intelligence, foresight processes
  • research and development on new ideas, frameworks, models and self-adapting measurement tools for business integration – tetradian-model, power-model, skills-labyrinth, five-element dynamics and others
  • training/education for integration – model selected according to context (we are also accredited for and/or extend existing proprietary models such as Business Model Canvas and TOGAF architecture-framework)

We cross-link research and experience across many different areas – manufacturing, distribution, banking, medicine, telecommunications, aerospace, construction, and publishing, to name just a few – to create increased effectiveness between different departments and domains, and new strengths and sustainability in your organisation’s culture.

Diagnostics and measurement
We develop and test diagnostic tools, such as SEMPER and SEMPER-5, to assess effectiveness and integration across the whole organisation. These ‘active checklists’ also help you to identify hidden costs and hidden assets in your organisation’s structure and activities, and create new opportunities to improve overall effectiveness.

Organisational dynamics
Working with you, we’ll explore the dynamics of your organisation, in terms of its facilities and capabilities, its relationships, its knowledge and its purpose, and the ways they support each other – what we call the organisation’s soul. We’ll look particularly at how your organisation handles the human and technical sides of its knowledge and relationships, both within your business – individuals, teams, departments and the organisation as a whole – and your external stakeholders, such as customers, suppliers, shareholders and the community.

Strategic foresight
As qualified foresight practitioners, we can show you how to develop and improve your strategic foresight – to know where you’re headed, to know better what’s happening around you, and to choose where you want your organisation and your industry to go.

We create purpose-built tools, techniques and processes to support the changes you need. We also act as system integrators, coordinating training, coaching and systems development where required.

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