Training and development

Tetradian – integrative education

Tetradian offer a variety of training programs and development workshops to aid individual staff members and the entire organisation to reach their full potential and work more effectively as a team.

All of our workshops have one main purpose – to create an experience of full business-integration from the chosen perspective.

These brief courses – usually a single day, half-day or evening session – provide experiential training for specific issues common to most organisations. The modules can be conducted either independently or in conjunction with a development framework, and are usually suited for staff from any level within an organisation.

Courses available include Tetradian model, Enterprise Canvas, power-model, skills-labyrinth, five-element dynamics and other models selected according to context.


Architecture of the Enterprise – a half-day or evening workshop to introduce the use of the tetradian as a meta-model for whole-of-organisation enterprise-architecture. Aimed at existing enterprise-architects, it shows how to break free from an IT-centric view of architecture, and come to grips with the complex processes of integration across all aspects of the enterprise.

Power On Purpose – a half-day or evening workshop which provides a direct, experiential understanding of functional power in the workplace. It also shows how to identify and address common delusions of ‘power’ which cripple productivity and profitability in most organisations. Suitable for 10-20 participants, the workshop is appropriate for all levels within the organisation, and can be customised to address specific issues or topics as required.

Five Elements – an extension of the well-known Group Dynamics model to cover continuous processes and organisational dynamics. The model provides experiential understanding of how to identify and resolve inherent clashes between phases or ‘elements’, and hence between departments or groups representing those phases. It also highlights different types of leadership required to keep the processes productive and profitable, and dovetails with the simpler SEMPER-5 variant of the SEMPER whole-of-organisation diagnostic. Suitable for 5-20 participants, preferably from a diversity of roles within the organisation. Also available as an extended full-day workshop, using the insights gained in Five Elements to address and resolve a selected business issue.


The Skills Labyrinth – an experiential workshop demonstrating the generic pattern of skills development, which applies to all skills. Suitable for 5-20 participants, it has proven particularly valuable as part of instilling concepts of the ‘learning organisation’ within organisational culture.