Tetradian News

  • February 2009

    Several more books and reference-sheets in the Tetradian Enterprise Architecture series at Tetradian Books. These include: Bridging the Silos – enterprise architecture for IT-architects – about extending conventional IT-architecture to the whole-of-enterprise scope The Service-Oriented Enterprise – enterprise architecture and viable services – about extending service-oriented architecture to the whole enterprise Power and response-ability – the human side of systems – […]

  • April 2008

    Some of our publications are now coming out in book-form – see Enterprise Architecture at Tetradian Books Tom Graves’ presentation to the TOGAF Glasgow conference, Enterprise architecture and the service-oriented enterprise, is now up in the knowledge-base.

  • March 2008

    Tom Graves will be presenting at the TOGAF Glasgow enterprise-architecture conference on 21-23 April. He also has a chapter on “The Viable Services Model” in the forthcoming itSMF book Global IT Service Management Best Practices, Part 1, to be published by Van Haren Publishing in April 2008.

  • January 2008

    Tom Graves has a formal paper on techniques for Stealth Foresight in large organisations, in the current (November 2007) edition of the foresight quarterly Journal of Futures Studies, published by Tamkang University, Taiwan.

  • May 2007

    New addition to our enterprise-architecture tools: How to create a Functional Business Model (164kb) – descriptive notes and Visio 2003 stencil and template

  • April 2007

    First release of the enterprise-architecture book: Real Enterprise-Architecture: Beyond IT to the whole enterprise (large: 1867kb)

  • March 2007

    A new book by Tom Graves: Real Enterprise-Architecture: Beyond IT to the whole enterprise (large: 2858kb) – Second draft for beta-test review only And other new presentation (PDF of Powerpoint in Notes view) on the Downloads page: Whole-of-enterprise architecture: Extending enterprise-architecture beyond IT (large: 1150kb). Tom Graves will be a presenter at the TOGAF Enterprise Architecture Practitioners conference in Paris on 23-25 April 2007.

  • February 2007

    Another new presentation (PDF of Powerpoint in Notes view) on the Downloads page: Vision, role, mission, goal – a framework for business motivation.

  • January 2007

    A couple of new presentations (PDFs of Powerpoint in Notes view) on the Downloads page: Architecture as system: Enterprise-architecture, service-architecture and the Viable System Model and Introduction to SCORE. New sections on enterprise architecture and on strategic tools and frameworks added to the site, including details on the new VRMG and SCORE tools.