EA Masterclass Series 2015

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Day 1 – Making sense for the whole enterprise

How do we create an enterprise that is sustainable and responsive into the future? How do we make sense of complexity and disruption, in technology, in markets, and more? How do we design for change, rather than reacting to it? And how do we properly include all of the people-issues that are so central to a modern enterprise?

Accommodating up to 30 people, this one-day interactive workshop will provide you with the means to tackle these concerns in everyday practice. To do this, we will explore a range of techniques and thinking tools, based around ideas of ‘the ecology of enterprise’ to apply sense-making and decision-making in enterprise architecture and design. We will focus on the Enterprise Canvas as an approach to service modelling at every scale from microservices to whole-of-enterprise.

Day 2 – Real-world Enterprise Architecture

With a maximum of 10 people, this exclusive and practical masterclass offers attendees an opportunity to work on real-life enterprise-architecture challenges in the company of their peers.  It brings together ideas and experiences, representing many different industries, different contexts and different needs.

The class will help you apply new concepts and approaches in everyday enterprise architecture by working on a real world challenge of your choice. During the day you will find new ways to make sense of your challenges, working with a wide range of frameworks and techniques, including those from the methods and tools explored in the Day 1 workshop.

Meet up – Prior to commencing the masterclass series, we invite you to join Tom for a half hour Meet Up presentation and conversation in Sydney or Melbourne.  The theme for this meet up will be “How to attract, maintain and get the best out of your architects”.  Please view Meet Up page for details.  Hosted by x:pand and the Australasian Architecture Network.

Workshop and Masterclass Dates:

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Who Should Attend?

These workshops are designed for individuals who have the responsibility to make sense of the hectic and rapidly changing world around them, and deliver on dynamic and transformative business strategies.

Designed as separate 1-day workshops, or combined as a stellar participatory experience, attendees will aquire the knowledge and tools they need to drive effective change in their organisations.

This event is aimed at Senior Managers of all descriptions including Architects and Senior IT leaders of all types, from Chief and Lead Architects, through to Enterprise and Business Architects, Solution Architects, Information and Technical Architects.   It is equally suited for Entrepreneurs, Social Entrepreneurs and Senior Managers from the Not For Profit sector.


For enquiries and further information please contact event manager Helena Read on +61 (0)400 062930

or email: helena@tetradian.com 

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