Publications for the futures of business

In this section you’ll find a variety of white papers, brochures and other items for free download:

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Product/service brochures

Tetradian profile and integral model (PDF: 30kb) – Business profile, including summary of the integral ‘soul model’ or tetradian.

Five elements of workplace dynamics (PDF: 27kb) – Brochure for the Five Elements workshop

Five Elements integration (PDF: 64kb) – Brochure for the the extended version of the Five Elements workshop

Power on purpose (PDF: 26kb) – Brochure for the Power on Purpose workshop

The skills-labyrinth (PDF: 39kb) – Brochure for the Skills-labyrinth workshop

Books and white-papers – enterprise-architecture

Enterprise architecture and the service-oriented enterprise (PDF: 850kb) – Presentation to TOGAF Enterprise Architecture Practitioners conference, Glasgow, April 2008

How to create a Functional Business Model (ZIP: 164kb) – for enterprise-architecture: descriptive notes and Visio 2003 stencil and template

Real Enterprise-Architecture: Beyond IT to the whole enterprise (PDF: 1867kb) – initial beta release of the first Tetradian enterprise-architecture book

Whole-of-enterprise architecture: Extending enterprise-architecture beyond IT (PDF: 1150kb) – Criteria for an enterprise-architecture for the whole organisation, and existing enterprise-architecture frameworks

Architecture as system: Enterprise-architecture, service-architecture and the Viable System Model (PDF: 455kb) – Using system-theory to extend and simplify whole-of-organisation service-oriented architectures

Vision, role, mission, goal: A framework for business motivation (PDF: 203kb) – Definitions and process to create a ‘audit-trail’ for business-motivation

Introduction to SCORE (PPT: 186kb) – An introduction to SCORE – a more versatile alternative to SWOT analysis

Books and white-papers – other subjects

Power and response-ability – a one-minute summary (PDF: 25kb) – A one-page summary of some of the core principles of the power-model used in Tetradian frameworks.

Power and response-ability – a ten-minute overview (PDF: 40kb) – A ‘manifesto’-style overview of some of the core principles of the power-model used in Tetradian frameworks, and its implications in the business context.

Power and response-ability – the human side of systems (PDF: 396kb) – Complete 100-page ‘mini-book’ on some of the core principles of the power-model used in Tetradian frameworks, and its implications in the business context.

Published articles

Stealth Foresight for Innovation: creating support for creative change in large organisations in Australia [Tom Graves] (PDF: 143kb) – On techniques to embed foresight capabilities within conventional business-strategy tools. (Journal of Futures Studies, November 2007)

Inverting Murphy [Tom Graves] (PDF: 62kb) – Brief ‘ideas’ article on the constructive side of Murphy’s Law (‘In The Picture’ magazine, July 2001).

Managing Intuition In The Workplace [Tom Graves] (PDF: 37kb) – Brief ‘how-to’ article on assisting development of judgement based on intuition and ‘gut feel’ in the work context. (, July 2000)

The Relationship Is The Asset [Tom Graves] (PDF: 70kb) – Brief ‘ideas’ article on the dangers of the phrase ‘Our people are our greatest asset!’ (‘In The Picture’ magazine, November 2001)

Lectures, essays and other presentations

Copyright: a ‘civilisational challenge’? [Tom Graves] (PDF: 42kb) – Review of opinions on Internet regarding developments in copyright issues and copyright law. (May 2002)

Five Elements To Model Workplace Dynamics [Tom Graves] (PDF: 183kb) – Extending the well-known Group Dynamics model with Chinese five-element theory to create a more versatile tool for mapping workplace dynamics. (Formal paper for 5th Annual Spirituality, Leadership and Management Conference, Couran Cove, Queensland, Australia, December 2002.)

Global knowledge: three approaches to distributed communities of practice [Tom Graves] (PDF: 40kb) – Comparative review of three books describing different approaches to management of distributed knowledge. (November 2002)

Learning From The Past [Tom Graves] (PDF: 89kb) – Knowledge management, organisational culture and the ‘learning organisation’; includes a brief description of the ‘After Action Review’ process. (‘Notes View’ version of Powerpoint for B2B Cafe Business Network, Melbourne, May 2003.)

Paradigms of property [Tom Graves] (PDF: 59kb) – Identifies characteristics of four distinct classes of property – physical, intellectual, relational, intentional – and explores the implications of their differences in the business context. (November 2002)

Review: Peter Drucker – The Next Society [Tom Graves] (PDF: 39kb) – Review of Peter Drucker’s Economist survey ‘The Next Society’. (March 2002)