EA Conference 2015

Tom Graves is a Keynote presenter at the Australasian Enterprise Architecture Conference 2015

The Enterprise is the Story:

What is it that makes an enterprise into an enterprise? The answer is a story…

Most current approaches to enterprise-architecture start from technology – which works well enough if you are only working on the technology itself. But as enterprise-architecture expands outward into the business, or we need to work on ‘digital transformation’ where people and their needs necessarily come to the fore, a technology centred approach starts to show its limitations.

This lively session introduces a complementary, more people-oriented approach to enterprise-architecture, built around a concept of ‘the enterprise as story’. We’ll explore:
• what story is, in the context for enterprise-architecture
• how story acts as a unifying theme for the architecture
• how to identify and develop the enterprise-story
• how story underlies enterprise values and principles
• how story provides guidance and governance for information-architecture, technology-architecture, digital-transformation and service-design

After this session, you’ll see your architecture with new eyes – open to new possibilities and new ways to engage with all of your stakeholders in the broader business. Share and Enjoy!

About the Conference:

The Australasian Enterprise Architecture Conference is the only specialist conference on enterprise architecture in the Asia Pacific region. It provides a regional forum for sharing experiences, best practices and the latest thinking about enterprise architecture. It is the most important event of the year for enterprise architecture professionals across Australia and New Zealand and attracts speakers and participants from around the world. It is an open, vendor independent conference, organised by EA practitioners for EA practitioners.