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Toolmakers for the future of business

Our consultants are dedicated to creating tools and practical techniques to provide a unique integrated view of business structure, business process and business change.


TOM GRAVES (UK) – Principal Consultant

Tom is known as a highly innovative thought leader on the futures of business.   With a keen eye for systems and structure, he has nearly 40 years experience in knowledge management, skills research, software development and the human side of complex systems. Quietly compassionate, he balances conceptual rigour and pragmatic realism with a deep awareness of human issues and human needs in the business environment. Tom is credited as one of the pioneer inventors of desktop publishing, and as an entrepreneur and manager is conversant with the practical issues in implementing new approaches and new business models into existing industries.

He is a prolific author, and experienced presenter on radio and television, at conferences and in workshops and seminars. Passionate about the process of empowerment and the role of intuition in organisations, he brings to Tetradian an unusual skill in overview and synthesis, and in creating links across a widely diverse range of disciplines and professional domains.

Tom has a Master of Arts degree from London’s Royal College of Art, Bachelor of Arts (DipAD) Degree in Graphic Design from Middlesex Polytechnic, London, and Graduate Certificate in Strategic Foresight from Swinburne University, Melbourne, and has received and presented extensive training in personal development, neuro-linguistic programming and other psychology-oriented modalities.

Contact: info@tetradian.com

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HELENA READ (Australia) – Co-ordinator

Helena is an entrepreneur, facilitator, manager of participatory events, massage therapist and dancer.  Her professional inquiries focus on systemic transformation from micro to macro levels, from the intricate physiological and psycho somatic  functions within the human body to the complex systems of our enterprises and organisations.  Helena’s passion is creating transformational, participatory experiences that inspire the heart of humanity toward justice and ecological sustainability.

She brings 20 years experience as a change agent to the Tetradian team, and a diverse, eclectic toolbox of skills to assist individuals and organisations to bring about the changes they wish to see in the world.

Helena is a graduate from the School of Social Entrepreneurs, founder of Jump Up primary years program, practicing massage and movement therapist, general board member of Spirituality Leadership and Management and practice member of CultureShift

Contact: helena@tetradian.com

International Partners

Mike Smith imgMICHAEL SMITH (Mexico) – Consultant

Mike is a lecturer and facilitator, orchestrator, entrepreneur, international presenter, founder and director of business beats.  Co author of “Orchestrating, empowering understanding and patience in your organisation” He is known for his talent in orchestrating businesses and organisations internationally.

Studies on: Enterprise Architecture, accelerated learning, human development, organisational culture, coaching, transpersonal psychology, organisational psychology, hypnosis, alternative medicine, music, meditation, music therapy, stress management, theatre, group psychology and leadership.

Contact: michael@tetradian.com

Website: http://orquestando.com